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SURF NOIR (n):  a dark and twisted instrumental blend of surf, goth, rockabilly, old school rock'n'roll, New Orleans jazz and southern swamp blues, sprinkled with even a hint of country and a healthy dose of camp.


Vegas Beach  are the self proclaimed pioneers of the Surf Noir genre. Their music enjoys a global fan base, and their first two CDs have elicited several rave reviews, amongst which you will find these kind words:

      " Share The Sand is a stellar mix of classic surf sounds."

Robert Silverstein, editor of Twentieth Century Guitar Magazine


      “Once again, a great-sounding CD.  I think what sets Vegas Beach apart from a lot of  modern surf-influenced bands is the strong tunes.”

             Bill Kay, Guitars And All That Jazz (


“An expansive, inventive, rock instrumental melange with smoothly soaring modern guitar sounds, oodles of atmosphere and still with enough of a beat to get your toes gently but inevitably tapping. This is a very rewarding listen indeed, and my copy has been hijacked by the lady of Pipeline Towers, who has pronounced it as the best album in the history of the magazine - ever."

Alan Taylor, editor of Pipeline Instrumental Review.



So pour yourself a glass of Lonesome Monkey, kick off your shoes,

               and pull up a chair on Vegas Beach.

Upcoming live dates:

We're in pre production for our new CD, but more shows are coming soon.




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