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"An intoxicating blend of influences that evokes images of California surf, the dark gothic architecture of Eastern Europe, Nevada desert wastelands and Louisiana swamp mist, Vegas Beach has a sound that is truly theirs alone."

Dark Times Magazine

The self proclaimed pioneers of the Surf Noir movement, Vegas Beach is comprised of members of the some of the more notable acts in the Canadian music scene,

The first incarnation of Vegas Beach included Vampire Beach Babes cofounder Ricky Las Vegas and the rhythm section of the notorious New World Disorder (bassist Michael Ratt and drummer Dave Kimpton), Their first album, entitled Dark Side of the Beach, was recorded live in only a few hours. It features several lush instrumentals that weave lazily and effortlessly through a plethora of different musical genres both dark and light.

The effort received consistently positive reviews and feedback from a variety of international sources. Ricky Las Vegas then joined forces with veteran bassist Wavy Davy and the dynamite drums of Jim "The Cat" Garfield. In 2006 “Share the Sand” was released to numerous favorable reviews. Both disks are played regularly on FM, Internet, and satellite radio stations around the planet.

So join them now for a new phase of exploration of this intriguing soundscape they call...

 Surf Noir.